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Golden Age FOR Humanity - Health - Bharat - Dharma - Within

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Know About our Services & Works Done

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1. Meta School
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Selfless Mission

2. Meta Lifestyle
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Selfless Mission

3. Meta Family
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Selfless Mission
#1. FOOD #2. CLOTHE  & #3. HOME

4. Meta Legacy
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Selfless Mission 
#4. ART and #5. NATURE

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The Selfless Films We Created -10

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The story of a Family of Minorities from Pakistan who dared to cross borders, to take asylum in Bharat to escape murder, rape & conversion.


The story of a Farmer's son who came and failed in Mumbai, to become a Film Director and fulfill his dreams in the city of dreams.

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The story of a Hindu woman who became a victim of Indira Gandhi's Abortion facility to reduce the Hindu population in Bharat.


The tiny story of the state of a misguided and brain-washed Bengali school student, in the drained future of West Bengal.

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The story of a Non-Resident Bengali who left the un-cool India and then returned to Kolkata, realizing the might of Bharat's Eternal Culture.


The story of a Bangladeshi Muslim who comes to greed a Bengali Hindu into selling off his property to their Gazba-e-Hind missions.