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Parenting Dharma

going beyond the present-day parenting towards 'Ideal'

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Our History

  • Raising your own children is easier than ideally raising the children of those parents who never wanted to raise their children; not as in an Orphanage but as your own.

  • Similarly raising your own parents who have done all and everything for your life, education, and for all the good that you have today is easier, than raising someone else’s parents whom you adopted in their old age and were thrown out in the streets abandoned; not as in a charity home but as your own.

  • This is easier written than imagined and most difficult done!

  • AatmaGuru Korak has done all this since leaving his white collar Military Officer’s job, renouncing himself his own life and also forced his birth family to renounce their desire to have grandchildren and cut their ‘wansh’ glorious family tree, as Korak is the only son.

Our Future Proofing Plan

  • Start Online classes (paid) weekly classes in various Levels. The start age could be any as the Gyaan-Arjan Knowledge quest is ageless. But the starting age is 14 years old through 60.


[1] STARTER-STEP: Awareness & Goal Setting Level.


[2] SILVER-STEP: Maintenance & Consciousness. Initial Level.


[3] GOLD-STEP: Experience & Persistence. School Level.


[4]: DIAMOND-STEP: Resonance & Excellence. College Level.


[KOHINOOR]: Oneness. Highest Level achievable.

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