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A2 Desi Cow Seva

going beyond the present blood-family-norm towards 'Ideal'


Our History

We had our first Satyugi Gurukuls, then called ANTS International and that was in the Muslim Butcher’s Slum in Kolkata during the Islamic Cow-Murder Celebrations it used to be a week of horror and large-scale blood-shed all around my schools and workshops. I started by buying a cow and rescuing her from that dozak/ hellish experience. One Shishyay of AatmaGuru challenged him by saying correctly, ‘Why do Hindus sell their mother for monetary gains, then?’

Also, many cows would be sold in Calcutta’s huge cow markets, where the calves are thrown away or brought for food-making for the hungry lamb and calf-loving inhabitants from all communities, including the Bengali Hindus.

Since 2005 we have with our miniscule capacity saved a few cows, bulls, and calves from the butcher’s chapar/ knives.

For a decade now we have had cows and bulls and goats who give no milk except the useful cow dung, but we continue fighting to keep them in the family, especially during the Islamic Cow-Murder Celebrations. Every year we are happy that the Islamic neighborhood where our Ashram is didn’t steal the cows.

Our Future Proofing Plan



  • We plan to have a well-maintained Desi-Cow Gau-Shala in all our Satyugi Mandirs with full ecosystem of self-dependency.


  • For this, we are seeking Funds and Volunteers.




  • None, because this is the Gen-A Satyugi Sewa and anybody who pays us and volunteers, is a Sevak.

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