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going beyond the present legacy-norm towards 'Ideal'


Our History

> Writing books from 1999 when I converted the unique Film-School selection Presentation for the ‘Interview Exams’ with the top Film-Makers & Technicians of India in SRFTI. The book was titled as ‘The Silent Symphony’ on Hard Cover and later wrote another Fictional Non-Fiction titled ‘Kamokshsutra’.


> Also created a few Magazine episodes for our Satyugi Gurukul.

> After 2014 when we momentarily stopped the works of Satyugi Gurukul, Korak Day wrote and published many more Fiction and Non-fiction through Notion Press which are available worldwide online. Out of the 15, all are in English, and one is in Hindi too.

Our Future Proofing Plan



  • Write more Satyugi Generation-A Shastras in English, Hindi, and Bangla.




  • Anyone can provide funds for making the boos in toto and also for doing the Exhibition, Book Launch and Distribution.

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