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Towards AIR Excellence

going beyond the present legacy-norm towards 'Ideal'


Our History

> Inspired by his childhood stay in Military campuses in Agra with wild animals, insects, trees and birds and from his visits in the jungles with his father on his hunting expeditions

> In his childhood while playing with ignorance, he had killed a sparrow by fan and witnessed its torturous death and the helplessness of the partner sparrow. This incident made him commit to the birds.

Before every meal, he and his Satyugi Gen-A Shishyays and related, share a part of the food before starting to eat, for the air-borne animals/ birds/ insects etc. He has been doing this for decades now and inspires everyone to do similarly and take their ‘selfless blessings’ for their life excellence. We do it without missing and if missing then compensate for it.

> Korak has built up the power to talk to birds and has created trees and fought with neighbors towards their violence for trees and the birds living there and has built homes for the birds without caring for the bad omens it’s supposed to bring upon him and his works.

> He has also fought with devil birds and children towards not destroying or attacking the eggs, shelters, and lives of the weaker birds.

> During Covid restriction days Korak experienced the pollutant-free oxygen-breathing freshness in Kolkata city which was extinct before that time, and had promised to work in this field in the future for organic de-pollutants and fresh air for the future generation.

Our Future Proofing Plan



  • Rejuvenate the Jungles, the lungs of Earth as Lungs of the City projects amidst the cityscape. Like small pockets of artificial wild jungles by buying/ receiving from the government or owners (preferably) all oxygen & fruit trees along with honey bees, butterflies, animals, and small water portions within towards restoration of the land ecosystem and for the picnics, excursions, and researches for the land enthusiasts.


  • AatmaGuru wants to initiate and inspire all nature lovers to do more ‘selfless actions’ for air excellence, holistically. He is quite restricted with people and funds into doing them but he won’t let off his quest thus. We would encourage more of these ‘selfless actions’ from the youth and ‘selfless contributions’ from the established.


  • We will do all the necessary actions in all the fields of the air animals, insects, organic rejuvenation of air in general, and also for the air dependents.


  • Conducting workshops for awareness along with simple and immediate steps for your personal air-related responsibilities and for the ones that are public properties.


  • Look for and devise ways for monetization through the air excellence for earning funds for our 7 selfless missions and also benefit the owner.


  • Felicitating the research works required.


  • Conducting the debugging of the air-related devils by workshops and restoration services provided to earn for our 7 Selfless Missions.




  • Love for doing ‘selfless actions’, volunteering, and/ or making ‘selfless contributions’ for air excellence.

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