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A school not of the evil-British Education System, but of Bharat's traditional Education System in its Ideal form as a Satyugi Aatman Gurukul. 

A lifestyle not of the messed up confused and greed-oriented money-madness lifestyle of suffering, sadness, depression, regretful and unhappiness BUT of a content, joyful and happy-within lifestyle.

A family not of blood/ society/ personal relationship, but with those who are unwanted, unloved, unwanted, helpless and friendless and the lonely plus the destitute of the world.

A legacy is just of blood just by blood relatives, but after death there must be no body attachments and in Bharat, selfless service is most Humane, thus Meta (beyond) Legacy.

Know in Detail about HUMANE, the Work you're expected to DO as a Volunteer here, and the Return-Gifts.

Sufferings are an integral part of every human's life: the thing that we can't Ignore BUT; Learn to DEAL with it 100%.

WORK Responsibilities of a STAR-WORK:

1. Awareness

(through Social Media etc.) The works included would be:

  • Developing Strategies to increase Followers

  • Creating and Overseeing Social Campaigns strategies to align with our Humane goals

  • Doing proper SEO and monitor web traffic metrics

  • Set specific strategies and ROI

  • Managing YouTube, Facebook Page, Instagram Page, LinkedIn, TwitterX

  • Reviewing Analytics

  • Communicating back with key stakeholders

  • Perform Research on current benchmark trends and audience preferences

  • Collaborate with other teams to ensure Brand Consistency

  • Communicate with followers, respond to queries in a timely manner, and monitor customer reviews

  • Suggest and plan and implement new features to develop brand awareness, like promotions, competitions and quizzes

  • Stay up-to-date with current technologies and trends in social media, design tools and applications

2. Action

(Activities of this particular Star-Work)

3. Admin

(Dedicated to the smooth running of this Star-Work) The works included would be:

  • Future Growth Planner

  • Planning Daily works to do

  • Organizing Events

  • Scheduling of works and Volunteers

  • Answering Phone Calls

  • Budgeting and allocating to its Accomplishment

  • Filing & Organising Documents and its Procurement

  • Correspondence (incoming & Outgoing), Records & Filings

  • Software handling and maintenance

  • Prepare regular Reports and Presentations

  • Effectively Communicates & Implements our Policies

  • Coordinating Meetings

  • Book travel arrangements

  • Facilitating Volunteer Onboardings

  • Managing Databases & Bookkeeping

  • Greeting Volunteers, Visitors and People related to the Star-Work

  • Perform related Clerical Duties

4. HR

(Dedicated to the suitable Volunteer Finder, Trainer and their Working-Health for the smooth running of this Star-Work) The works included would be:

  • Training & Development

  • Volunteer Relations

  • Onboarding & Engagement

  • Humane Work Environment

  • Star-Work Administration

  • Legal Compliance

  • Promotions, Performance & Benefiting for Volunteer Emotional-Health

  • Payroll

  • Conduct Disciplinary Actions & Conflict Resolution

  • Survey Management

  • Maintaining Volunteer Records

  • Update Policies

5. Finance

(Dedicated to the smooth running of this Star-Work financially) The works included would be:

-    Making a Financial Requirement Future-Plan

  •     Organizing Patron (Funding Contributor) Fund-Raising Events, Campaigns, and other  kinds of donations

  •     Design promotional materials and increase awareness of an organization’s work, goals, and financial needs.

  •     Allocating Minimum and Basic Required Finances for Monthly Activities

  •     Manages day-to-day transactions, expense payments and later, tax-reporting


The Details of the 4 STAR-WORKs

meta school.png

Schools generally teach us things with an ulterior motive of some negative thing hypocritically which was mostly started by the evil British people to rule over the Human Soul and make the student a Slave till death, but Meta (beyond) School is the school for our Aatma (MetaSoul) for ‘Self Excel’. Meta School Aatman Gurukul is presently Online and is a Paid Gurukul, to raise funds for our Meta Family Maintenance and Growth. The languages available now are English, Hindi & Bangla. The Present (Pradhan Aacharyay) Head Teacher is AatmaGuru Korak who has been running Gurukuls since 2002, free-of-cost till now.


7 subjects are taught here in various Levels and Timing slots:

i). Aatma Intelligence AI+ आत्ममार्ग | Age 18+

ii). Organic Chakra Activation सप्त-चक्रोदय | Age 18+

iii). Human Excellence Philosophy सतयुगी दर्शन | Age 18+

iv). Sanskrit Shlok Sunrise संस्कृत श्लोक सूर्योदय | Age 7+

v). Meta Meditation आत्मयोग | Age 7+

vi). Creativity Excellence कला-निर्माण आत्मलाभ  | Age 14+

vii). Filmmaking as an Art चलचित्र निर्माण कला | Age 14+

viii). Natural Organic Healing चिरयौवन जैविक स्वस्थ | Age 7+

ix). Corporate & Relations Acting प्रेम एवं कर्मक्षेत्र अभिनय | Age 18+

x). Parenting Dharma मातृ-पितृ धर्म  | Age 18+


Lifestyle generally is our way of living our life which could be negative or hypocritical or filled with various constraints, sufferings, regrets, poverty, and many inner turmoil, but Meta (beyond) Lifestyle is that lifestyle which starts after getting over our suffering etc that are mentioned before. Post that we start to live an Ideal Human Life which is living a Life 100% or as we say in AI+ LIFE108.


1-2-1 with Excellence Coach AatmaGuru Korak is presently Online and a Paid Gig , to raise Funds for our Meta Lifestyle Maintenance and Growth.

meta lifestyle.png
meta family.png

Family generally is either blood-related or related by marriage, but Meta (beyond) Family is that family which is the family of the Creator/ Bhagwan/ Hari, which comprises of us all, moving beings on Earth especially working for those who are feeling Friendless, Helpless, Unloved, Unwanted, Lonely or are Destitute; without any expectation, selflessly. ‘Selfless Family’ is presently in Hari Dhaam, Kolkata Branch only, and is open for the unwanted destitute women above 45 and we plan to open similarly for unwanted destitute men above 60 (we have place only). Dr. Dipak Patel from USA and AatmaGuru Korak who has been running this since 2002.


There are these 7 Activities that are done here, as making it in resonance with the Bhartiya Traditional Temple-Economy Matrix:

i). Destitute Women’s Family Home 

ii). Destitute Men’s Family Home 

iii). A2 Cow Sewa 

iv). Fishing Business 

v). Satyugi Mandir 

vi). Empyrean Stay 

vii). Online Selfless Family


Legacy is money or property that is given to you after somebody dies, because he/she wanted you to have it but Meta (beyond) Legacy is the Selfless-Creations/ Selfless-Buildings/ Selfless-Activities we do to benefit/ excel humanity/ or things related to Humanity without any expectation, selflessly. We have worked on this ‘Meta Legacy’ since 2002


There are these 7 Activities that are done here, as making it in resonance with the Bhartiya Traditional Temple-Economy Matrix:


i). SelflessFILM Manager | Creation & Promotion

ii). AatmaPOP Manager | Creation & Promotion

iii). SelflessBOOK Manager | Creation & Promotion

iv). Water Excellence Manager | Workshops & Monetization Business

v). Land Excellence Manager | Workshops & Monetization Business

vi). Air Excellence Manager | Workshops & Monetization Business

meta legacy.png

The Hierarchy Tree @ HUMANE

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