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Help Create Selfless FILM

going beyond the present legacy-norm towards 'Ideal'


Our History

> Awarded FILM Producer, Director & Screenplay Writer for MY KARMA (English)/ Kolkata’R Kali (Bangla) received ‘Best Film’, ‘Best Debut Director,’ ‘Best Screenplay’ and ‘Grand Prix’ Awards in USA, Japan & Poland at various prestigious Film Festivals.

> Korak Day studied Film Direction & Screenplay Writing form SRFTI Film School and is also a trained Editor and a Trained Actor from India’s Roshan Taneja Acting School and Local Bengali Acting School.

> Korak Day has created another 9 Short Films as Solo Films where most of the Technical and Acting parts were done by Korak Day himself with Chroma Shoot, to make the budget minuscule and Professional and minuscule Budget Solo Filmmaking.

> He has created endless Documentaries, Videos, Music-Videos, Series, Vlogs, etc.

Our Future Proofing Plan



  • Have written many more Screenplays for Shorts and Feature Length Films and have published them in a few books published and available on Amazon.


  • Plan to go for Pre-Production and Production of 2 Feature Films on availability of Funds.


  • Create many more Series, Vlogs, etc. for YouTube and other social media.





  • Anyone can apply to provide funds for making the films in toto and also for doing the Exhibition and Distribution.

  • You may also provide funds for creating the Meta Spirituality Media content and also for promoting them etc.

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