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सतयुगी मंदिर | 919 Temple

Tag Line: अधर्मक्षय धर्मजय


Mission Statement:

कलियुग में भगवान-आगमन पृथिवी में वर्जित है,

तथापि कोराक ने हरि प्रेरणा से हरी धाम निर्मित किया।

आत्मयोग से आत्ममार्ग पर चलके भवसागर पार किया

यहाँ भगवान ९१९ रूप में सतयुगी मंदिर में वास करते है।।

Lifestyle generally is our way of living our life which could be negative or hypocritical or filled with various constraints, sufferings, regrets, poverty, and many inner turmoil, but Meta (beyond) Lifestyle is that lifestyle which starts after getting over our suffering etc that are mentioned before. Post that we start to live an Ideal Human Life which is living a Life 100% or as we say in AI+ LIFE108. 1-2-1 with Excellence Coach AatmaGuru Korak is presently Online and a Paid Gig , to raise Funds for our Meta Lifestyle Maintenance and Growth.


Parts of Satyugi Mandir:


1. Selfless Loving Family | हरी धाम आश्रम

2. A2 Cow Seva | देसी गौ शाला

3. Fishery Business | मछली फार्म

4. Bhagwan’s Family Stay | भगवान-के-परिवार संग निवास

5. Excellence Coach | जैविक लाइफ कोच

6. BE a Generation-A सतयुगी भव



What is a Satyugi Mandir?

>> A mandir that is built within a Hari Dhaam (presently a Hari Dhaam is only there in Mdhyamgram, Kolkata, Bharat). [A Hari Dhaam is the abode of Hari, the Almighty Bhagwaan, where many Bhagwaan stay and periodically visit in their multi-dimensional forms. A place that follows quite certain Sanatan-Standards (so that even in Kaliyug when Bhagwaan cannot stay on Earth, they can here! A certain time is required for the resonance of a Bhagwaan with a location.


>> The most important standard is that the managers/ executives of Hari Dhaam have to be ‘non-evil’ and ‘non-hypocrite’ while being ‘100% positive’ while serving Humanity ‘selflessly’ upon Aatma Marg’ i.e., as a Satyugi Gen-A)]


>> A Hari Dhaam must have:


(a). ‘Selfless Gen-A Family’ where the members may not be related by blood but are related by 100% dedicated and responsible ‘feelings’ of Love (with unwanted, unloved, unwanted, friendless, lonely or the destitute of the world) and also a


(b). ‘Satyugi Gen-A Gurukul’ (selective admissions only) and


(c). ‘Satyugi Gen-A Friends’ of people who share every month responsibly under 5 Levels (for the upkeeping of the family as we do not accept Charity and free handouts since 1996, its inception; our ‘Selfless Love Action Club’ is also part of Satyugi Gen-A Friends.


Who can be the Founder of such a Mandir?

Only an AatmaGuru who after becoming a Satyugi Gen-A Brahman, has remained as a Purna Satyugi for a minimum 20 years; or someone publicly designated by an AatmaGuru. The Founder must have worked 24x7 selflessly and with 100% positivity and 0% evil & hypocrisy, for bringing #GoldenAge4Humanity.


Who can be a Partner/ Patron to a Satyugi Mandir?


(a). All those members who are a Satyugi Gen-A Friend.


(b). All who have donated a property for making a Hari Dhaam.


(c). All who have donated (from their hard-earned only) for the total construction of the Satyugi Mandir (there’s a selection process for partner-genuineness).


(d). A Patron can choose any of the 5 Levels for ‘sharing’ through Satyugi Gen-A Friends and have done it for a minimum of 12 consecutive months without missing even a single month, as mentioned in our official website



What will be ‘special’ and ‘different’ about such a Mandir?

Satyugi Mandir is a 919 Power Temple, where the first 9 is Mother Kali, the second 9 is Mahadev Shiva and the 1 in the center is Hari Narayan. This mandir would be the magnet for the greatest powers of the Brahmaand, and Universe. The one visible and another secret meditation room in the Satyugi Mandir would be the Bhagwaan-Hugging centers, when you meditate there, being an expert in Mete Meditation. Having your personal Satyugi Mandir would be a Heaven (Jannati)


- A journey being on Earth, into Hari-Lok in your Lifetime. But the selection process is ‘simple’ for those who have an aptitude for positivity-filled life!


Where can a Satyugi Mandir be constructed?

Anywhere on Earth under the above-mentioned conditions only.



1. SILVER PATRON: Pay ₹7999/ $97 Per Month OR as a One-Time Payment of 12 months.

You can upgrade yourself anytime.


2. GOLD PATRON: Pay ₹39,999/ $497 Per Month OR as One-Time Payment of 12 months.

You can upgrade yourself anytime.


3. DIAMOND PATRON: Pay ₹79,999/ $997 Per Month OR as One-Time Payment of 12 months.

You can upgrade yourself anytime.


4. PLATINUM PATRON: Pay ₹149,999/ $1997 Per Month OR as One-Time Payment of 12 months.

You can upgrade yourself anytime.


5. KOHINOOR 2.0 PATRON: Contact Us if Interested.

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