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Selfless Loving Family

going beyond the present blood-family-norm towards 'Ideal'


Our History

> The founder was Enlightened to this idea, by Hari at the end of his teenage, with the two missions of Selfless Loving given by Narayan.

> Korak renounced his normal life the way you are living now and started working on Hari’s 7 Missions, in 1996 August 16th Korak renounced his clichéd life of 25 years of Military Officer’s job which he earned by being 2nd in all India merit in the SSB Military Officer’s selections and came to Calcutta to work on these 7 Selfless Loving Missions.

> For the next 6 years he continued on this journey of selfless loving to all he met from the poorest of the poor to the richest from the first world countries. During this time, he also created his internationally awarded films and songs that talked about Selfless Loving in simple terms, artistically.

> From 2002 he poured all he received from his experiences of Selfless Loving, into his gurukuls, ashrams, and the self-dependent village programs for the denied and also into his songs, reach-outs, films, books, etc., and all his Meta Legacies

> AatmaGuru has been living a Post Enlightenment Life108 through his Selfless Loving Family, since 2002 February 28th, when he started this Family by adopting Nitai into his family.

> Unwanted Children Home for nearly 250+ unwanted children and children of poor and single parents.

Have Selfless Loving Family homes for the mentally unstable Destitute, where they live in their own ideal son’s house and not as a charity shelter. We have served nearly 100+ destitute with food, lodging, etc.

We served nearly 600+ impoverished and helpless women and men through our Self-Dependent Village Programs by teaching them how to fish rather than giving them a fish with pity.

Our Future Proofing Plan



  • Start similar Selfless Loving Family Hari Dhaams in 10% of all Tire 1-2-3 cities in Bharat by 2028 and 60% of all Tire 1-2-3 cities in Bharat by 2032.




  • The Family members would be of 2 Types. One of The Serving Family Members will comprise of Those who would be either a BRONZE/ SELVER/ GOLD/ DIAMOND Member contributing selflessly every month.

  • The other type would be of the Served Family Members. They will have to be unwanted and on the streets without anyone, lonely.

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