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Golden Age fOR Humanity - Health - Bharat - Dharma - Within

Be a Satyugi Gen-A

going beyond the present-day dog-eat-dog-life towards 'Ideal'


Description & Necessity परिचय & अनिवार्यता: All humans are born to be an ‘ideal’ human with resonance to Brahm, in all aspects of being and lifestyle and this is Bharat’s Culture/ Sanatan Dharma. Until the Adharm (opposite of Dharam) people came forth with their Abraham (evil) ways and destroyed humanity’s technology within! We have been dutifully dedicated to this endeavor, the destruction of Adharm and Abraham, and the victory of Dharma, Brahm, and Brahmand, for the last 240,000+ hours. राम राज्य सिर्फ राम मंदिर से नहीं होगा (वह तो शुरुआत मात्र है)

You can activate your Consciousness within by various processes like: Accidentally, then also by Step-by-Step methodology, Naturally or with the help of a selfless Guru or even with much difficulty as a Self-Learner, or like me through Hari, himself.

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