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going beyond the present legacy-norm towards 'Ideal'


Our History

> During his High School days Korak won the National Group Song competition and always took part in the first row for all dancing and singing presentations.

> During the Naval Academy days in Goa, he represented the Destroyer in Singing.

> Later in Kolkata he learned Indian Classical Singing and Western Piano for a year.

> In SRFTI during the Song Shoot, he was supposed to make a Music Video on a Popular Song Re-Recorded, to which he vetoed as he believed in Originals only. That led him to record his first Hindi Song, ‘Jiya Jae Na’ (see the music video on YouTube) which was heavily liked.

> Later when Korak Day created his first film MY KARMA, he recorded his first Bangla Song, ‘Ami Manush Hobar Kori Dabi’ which was heavily appreciated widely.

> This led to Korak creating many more songs in mostly all the years following that time.

> He Recorded around 150 professional Songs (where Korak Day wrote the lyrics, composed the songs, sang most of the songs, planned & shot the music videos as a Rockstar and also edited and did all the post production of the music videos) as ‘Korak Gaan’ or aatmaPOP in English, Hindi Bangla & Sanskrit.

Our Future Proofing Plan



  • Finish the shoots and edits of all the Music Videos for all the aatmaPOP songs created till 2023.


  • Create many more aatmaPOP only when we have enough funds to have more freedom towards fully professional recordings and the mixing and mastering of the songs.




  • Anyone can apply to provide funds for making the songs in toto and also for doing mixing and mastering and also the Exhibition and Distribution.

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