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Organic Chakra Activation

going beyond the present-day education-system towards 'Ideal'

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Our History

> 1996 August 16th Korak renounced his clichéd life of 25 years Military Officer’s job which he earned by being 2nd in all India merit in the SSB Military Officer’s selections and came to Calcutta to work on his holistic Chakra Activations organically. This was in his plans post his enlightenment by Hari at the end of his teenage years.

> For the next 6 years, he continued on his Meta Spiritual journey of receiving and transferring it to all he met from the poorest of the poor to the richest from the first world countries. During this time, he also created his internationally awarded film and songs giving the Chakra Activation artistically.

> From 2002 he poured all he received from his activated chakras into his gurukuls, ashrams, and the self-dependent village programs for the denied till he received resonance with his 6th Agya (third eye) chakra till 2014 organically with his Satyugi Generation-A holistic Chakra activation method.

> Post that time he has been working with ‘selfless loving’ and all the constraints, through the 7th Sahasrar (Crown) Chakra activation, living a Post Enlightenment Life108.

Our Future Proofing Plan



  • Start Online University


[1] STARTER: Awareness & Goal Setting (Know about the various states of activation and non-activated life differences, where you are now, and which level you plan/ aspire to reach Plus Qualifying Selection Procedure) –


[2] SILVER: Maintenance & Consciousness (Mooladhar and Swadhishtan Chakra activation-procedure) –


[3] GOLD: Experience & Persistence (Manipurak and Anahat Chakra activation-procedure) –


[4]: DIAMOND: Resonance & Excellence (Vishudhdhi and Agya Chakra activation-procedure) –


[KOHINOOR]: Oneness (Sahasrar Chakra activation procedure) and the fees will be either as Privilege, Exclusive, or VIP categories | including Pre-Recorded classes | You may also join here Directly if you clear the Previous Level Exam on Admission) LEVEL Generation-A Schools for anyone around the World in English-Hindi-Bangla languages are to be inaugurated on 2024 February 28th, the day of our 22nd Selfless Loving Anniversary year.


  • Establish Branches of Holistic ‘Satyugi Gurukuls’ from Starter to Kohinoor Levels Offline all over Bharat and Worldwide within 2026 and by 2032 have such Holistic Satyugi Gurukul branches in 40% of the Tyer 1-2-3 cities of Bharat.




  • Anyone curious can apply for the Starter Level and there will be a Selection Process of the ‘Resonance Test’ with the AatmaGuru, to go to the further Levels.

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