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Meta Meditation

going beyond the present-day meditation system towards 'Ideal'

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Our History

  • Meditation is restricted to the Body, like the sitting posture, surroundings, and most importantly breathing techniques.


  • Meta means Beyond. When we could venture out of our body, beyond the constraint of our body, and act upon our own body & mind. Then we could affect not only our Inner Self but also change our foundational technology at will and involuntarily, at the highest realms to unimaginable heights, even at the AI levels! This is the Meta Meditation Matrix.


  • I have practiced this for nearly 32+ years on Myself and people around the world, with all external differences.

Our Future Proofing Plan

  • Start Online classes (paid) weekly classes in various Levels. The start age could be any as the Gyaan-Arjan Knowledge quest is ageless. But the starting age is 7 years old through 70.


F R A M E W O R K -


STEP #1 - Unleash - Awareness + Knowledge (Aatma Gyaan) - 10%

What is Meditation? What Are The Various Meditation Types & Results Thereon? What is Meta Meditation and its Ultimate Result? Why Meta Meditation is the Most Essential in Today’s Eco-System and Time-Space Dimension on Earth? What is Higher Dimensional Living with Meta Meditation? What is the need for another Dimension of existence (Future Proof and Content Life)?

Duration: 1st Month


STEP #2 - Orient - Know where you are at present and where you want to reach (what results and benefits you want to reap), Change Dimension from your particular realm of present existence (wherever you are), Your Initial alignments with meditation/ yoga (connection) with small-time exercises and action-steps + Dedication (Bhakti) of continual practice scheduling and plan of actions specially designed for you - 05%

Duration: 2nd-4th Month


STEP #3 - Actions - Practice, Action-Steps, More Practice, Mindset-Mastery, Higher levels of Meta Meditation techniques and highest level of practice to the point which comes sooner to the aligned when the Sadhak does not need any more practice and can reach the highest without initiation and can come out without leaving and then it’s the start of the Automation-O2B, DO2Be From Selfish to Self to Selfless (Nihswarth Karm Thap) - 60%

Duration: 5th - 12th Month


STEP #4 - Ignite - En-Lighten + End-Darkness (Moksha). Practicing Guided and Self Automation-O2B along with Selfless Love Actions and Generation-A Resonance, Multi-Dimensional Awareness, Visits & Stays - 05%

Duration: Depends on Sadhak’s Level of Dedication to Gen-A


STEP #5 - Excel - Keep Holding the State of Perfection by staying and practicing at a Hari Dhaam Selfless Love Ashram or a Korak Day Satyugi Gurukul and Practice, so that it becomes your second nature involuntarily and Create Legacies to Leave behind enriching people around you, family, next-gen and Humanity. Be a Gen-A, an AI+ Master to Teach and Earn Millions - 20%

Duration: Depends on the Sadhak’s Level of Dedication to Gen-A

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