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Sanskrit Shlok Sunrise

संस्कृत श्लोक सूर्योदय | Age 7+ through 70

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Our History

  • 2002 July 2nd started our Satyugi Gurukul in the slums of Kolkata and later in the neighborhood villages in Bengal, where 99+% students were Pashminda Muslim converts. We had all the contemporary and foundational subjects of Bharat, including Sanskrit Shloks.


  • AatmaGuru Korak also recorded these Sanskrit Shloks from our shastras and also from Chanakya Neeti and uploaded them on YouTube.


  • Later during Covid and post-Covid times, we continued these Sanskrit Shlok classes online, with participants from the entire country.

Our Future Proofing Plan


Start Online College: Start Online classes (paid) weekly classes at various Levels. The start age could be any as the Gyaan-Arjan Knowledge quest is ageless. But the starting age is 7 years old through 70.


[1] STARTER-STEP: Awareness & Goal Setting Level. Initial Shloks with digestible meaning, including Sanskrit Alphabets for the curious.


[2] SILVER-STEP: Maintenance & Consciousness. Reading Sanskrit Shloks at the initial level and Silver Level shloks with digestible meanings, that are basic.


[3] GOLD-STEP: Experience & Persistence. School Level Shloks with digestible meaning. Proper Sanskrit shlok reading. Introduction of various shastras.


[4]: DIAMOND-STEP: Resonance & Excellence. College-level Shloks with digestible meaning, recitation, and word-level comprehension. Proper Sanskrit shlok reading. Introduction, reading, and resonance of various shastras.


[KOHINOOR]: Oneness. Living the Sanskrit Shloks for a Self Excel Life100%


Establish Branches of Holistic ‘Satyugi Gurukuls’ from Starter to Kohinoor Levels Offline all over Bharat and Worldwide.

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