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Golden Age fOR Humanity - Health - Bharat - Dharma - Within

Corporate & Relationship ACTING

going beyond the present-day mess towards 'Ideal'

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Our History

  • 250,000+ hours have been spent especially and dedicatedly with 100,000+ people from around the world and along with that, have spent hours in creation, selfless actions, saving lives, serving the unwanted children, adults, and elderly, non-stop, making the lives of dying destitute to revert to hope, making the deaths of the dying easy, cleaning maggot filled wounds and washing the heavily-soiled clothes with bare-hands with a smile and many more; while working with the richest of the rich through the poorest of the poor, people with all colors, religions, nationalities and all the available differences: would enforce anyone to excel in the Method Acting of Life.


  • By the way also learnt Acting from the greatest acting Teacher of Bharat, Roshan Taneja from Mumbai, who himself was a student of Sanford Meisner and Sydney Pollack.

Our Future Proofing Plan

  • Start Online classes (paid) weekly classes in various Levels. The start age could be any as the Gyaan-Arjan Knowledge quest is ageless. But the starting age is 18 years old through 70.


[1] STARTER-STEP: Awareness & Goal Setting Level.


[2] SILVER-STEP: Maintenance & Consciousness. Initial Level.


[3] GOLD-STEP: Experience & Persistence. School Level.


[4]: DIAMOND-STEP: Resonance & Excellence. College Level.


[KOHINOOR]: Oneness. Highest Level is achievable.

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