Aamar Nijer My Own Inc. is a not-for-profit Incorporate Registered in New York with a Tax Exempt Status Tax EIN: 203489420

Our Philosophy and Mission: Making the whole world (Aamar Nijer) My Own.  We work for OUR 8 eight Missions:

Since 2002 for as many people we could afford:

#1 Food:: we provide healthy food on regular  basis to the hungry folks: minimum 3 simple meals a day

#2 Shelter:: we have given simple collective shade to the homeless: no one is to be without a shade/ warmth

#3 Cloth:: we provide basic clothes and cover from weather to the needy: minimum 3 simple clothes per person

#4 Art:: we create Books, Films, Songs etc. as Spiritual Entertainment for your soul only

#5 Health:: a life-style for your mind-body-soul, in resonance with the nature, Ayurveda and by being Humane 

#6 Gyaan:: we give knowledge and education to those deprived of money or those who seek knowledge of life

#7 Bharath (India):: we try to know, research and promote the best of Bharath for its spiritual eternal richness

#8 Selfless-Loving:: we make the unloved/ unwanted/ homeless/ friendless of our Universe, our own Family



a).  Ma-Aashram for the old and mentally-unstable destitute/ homeless women, to have their own family home.  We have already made 100+ destitute (Aamar Nijer) our own family member within our humble capacities.  Many have left after getting better, some died peacefully with Aacharay Korak Day where he gave them a required funeral/ burial according to their faith, while some still live with us presently.  Many still wait on the streets for a family-acceptance!  Come and be alongside.

b).  Satwik-Gurukul We have already tought and served as required nearly 12000+ deprived, poor and spiritually weak children and adults from slums and remote villages and also from the financially richer backgrounds from various cities of India, USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.

c).  Satwik-Karm-Vriksh Full administration of all works of Aamar Nijer My Own Inc. where we have also given self-dependency to 600+ poor/ jobless/ emotionally unstable people (mostly women) by giving them a dignity of a job.  We also have our Satwik-Karm-Vriksh Programs of uniting the Humane of Earth towards building a Satwik (Humane) Society.

c).  Soul-Art Creation of Publications, Films and Songs etc. as a Satwik-Art.  We have already made 180+ projects  of professionally recorded Songs, Documentaries, Books, Internationally Awarded Film, Video-Knowledge Series etc. 

b).  Buy 4 Soul We are working on the Marketing and Sales of Soul-Art, promoting our works and for earning funds for our eight missions by first opening an online shop www.buy4soul.com and then if funds are available, a real-shop and 'Shopping-Chains' throughout the world where various art products of our Satwik-Bandhus will be sold.

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Born on 1970/ December 17th in Agra; he is the only son of a Sky-Diving Instructor in the Indian Air Force.  Korak Day is his adopted name, his objective being spreading the light of a sunny-day to the world.  His name of birth was Subhasish, the Divine-Blessing.  He was the School-Captain/ Head-Boy in his School, Air Force School, Agra when the great Ms. SJ Russels was the principal there.  He was a National-Champion inter-school-level in the Singing and Acting competitions through Kendriya Vidhyalaya Group of central schools.  At 18, he received Enlightenment/ Moksh: You cannot make people to love you but no one can stop you from LOVING THEM” and “World is full of people who are suffering like you or more than you and you know what you need when you suffer, so go and GIVE THEM THAT


He studied through Masters MSc. with Mathematics while working as a Marketing & Sales Representative for Eureka Forbes Ltd & Fabers International and a Science-Tutor.  He was 2nd in National Merit in the SSB Exams through the Varanasi SSB for getting selected in the Indian Military.  He joined the Military, under the Indian Navy as an Executive officer after clearing his greatest medical hurdle with a Thyroid operation where 60% of his neck being cut open and a Russian Myopic Operation done by cutting the retina, twice in both eyes for getting the perfect vision of 6/6, which had a optical-power of -4.75 & -4.5 Diapers, he was underweight by 10 KG and also had to clear the psychiatric hurdle.  He was able to cross all hurdles that came to stop him, and became a young Military Officer.  In 1996, at the age of 25 ½ exactly as he knew before, he left the Military to start to serve ‘Humanity in reality’, which he craved for since 18.  He left Military empty-handed but loaded with his impossible dreams: Calcutta, leaving everything he had and everyone he knew, till then.  For him IMPOSSIBLE was I M POSSIBLE.


In Calcutta, Korak simultaneously joined as a full-time volunteer @ Mother Teresa’s home for dying-destitute in Nirmal Hriday, Kalighat and Satyajit Ray film school SRFTI for studying Film-Direction & Screenplay-Writing, learning Indian Classical singing, Western Piano, studying films and culture at Nandan Film Library & US Embassy Library while also teaching students to earn his basic requirements and walking around the city a lot, to save money.  Korak lost 12 Kilos in 5 months.  Later, along with it he volunteered at the school for the children of the prostitutes of Kalighat, run by Brother Xavier and in another similar local charity-school run by Arup Ghosh and Genine Walter.  He also volunteered for the spastic people at the local La-Arshe community, Asha Niketan, Tangra run by French Françoise and her husband.  Korak called all this his ‘real’ University studies.  Every morning Korak used to go to the platforms of local Train station at Howrah to assist the dying/ sick/ destitute humanity.  He would walk all the 23 long platforms and the area surrounding the train-station giving clothes to the naked/ dirty, feeding them and giving medical-treatment to the wounded, the maggot infected, the lepers etc.  He carried the dying men / women lifting them in his arms, to the local hospitals and to Mother Teresa’s Kalighat hospice.  Korak called himself the 'Happiest on Earth'.


Korak made his first film Kolkata’R Kali/ My Karma in 2001-2 with popular local film personalities like Moonmoon Sen, Arjun Chakraborty & Sabyasachi Chakraborty while Sound Mixing and Cinematography done by National Award winning, Anup Mukherjee and Asim Bose, Music Arranger: Ablu Chakraborty.  ‘My Karma’ received many International Awards like Best Film, Best Debut Director, Grand Prix, Best Spiritual Screenplay etc in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Warsaw, Japan, India and the film was screened in most cities of the world through various International Film Festival and got many reviews in Newspapers, Radio and Television, internationally.  Aacharay Korak Day personally do not accept any awards or visits his public/ festival screenings.


On the day of Good Friday in 2002, the similar day he was forced to met Mother Teresa (forced because Korak wanted to feel the spirit of Mother Teresa and not just to look at her body or snatch a blessing from her, so he never visited her and continued to follow her footsteps in her ‘first love’ at Kalighat, to feel her soul; but thanks to an English man Simon, who dragged him lovingly to meet her) for the first time, a year before she died when Korak Day had an out-of-body Yogic experience with Mother Teresa.  Korak left volunteering at Mission of Charity to start his own, Mission-of-Love to make the unloved, unattended, friendless and unguided, his own as “Aamar Nijer-My Own”, on July 2nd at the Torture Lane of the Muslim Butcher’s Slum near Raja Bazaar of Calcutta.  He decided to postpone his film-making, as by then his film had received some International Awards and the local Media was talking and he was a sought-for-filmmaker.  The Almighty forced him thus as he got no one to work in that area which was popular for its tamasik/ evil-activities; even when Korak offered the teachers a huge salary.  He postponed his film-makings.


Along with 4 schools in the Narkeldanga Slum, he had branches in 3 remote villages outside Kolkata and in Madhyamgram.  Dr, Dipak N Patel of USA became a 'contributing Family Member’.  Korak made a family-home for homeless old/ mentally-unstable women in Madhyamgram with Dipak's money, which he earned by doing par-time works at hotels along with studying to be a doctor and from his parents.  Korak Day met many nice people from all over the world who contributed once etc, but a Dr. Dipak N Patel was the only man who became a Kohinoor and continued to be alongside Korak Day, fighting all difficulties he faced, with a helping hand and soothing words, which Korak needed often, doing the work of making the Heaven on Earth in the Hell on Earth.


Meanwhile, Korak also wrote a few books, created many professional quality songs which were mixed and mastered in the best studios of Mumbai through friends, designed apparel, started self-dependent women projects and produced various handmade-products.  He wanted his work to be self-dependent, but failed to earn funds from them due to his lack of the business sense and relying people blindly.  In 2012, after trying to make the nearly 12,000+ Muslim children humane (all the places the Almighty sent him to were inhabited by them and his ignorant secular mind never differentiated and he made them his own: Aamar Nijer).  The reality of a slave-mentality of the Middle-Earth started to challenge his Selfless-Loving from all sides and types and after giving a fully-dedicated challenge to Evil for 11 years of his youth, he started to wind off due to spine-breaking Failures.  Those days Korak called himself, the 'Saddest on Earth' and for the first time in 17 years (since he came to Kolkata, he never got any sickness which could stop his working for Humanity) he was pinned down medically with an acute Tuberculosis in his immunity-system, which earlier he could ward-off for long when he used to work for acute TB patients in Kalighat and the streets of Kolkata.  But still Korak did not give up on his working and continued to fight breast-forward against Kaliyug for the sake of Satyug.  Korak still continues with his past works with women and children, but in a smaller scale now due to lack of funds, as Dipak had a growing family himself in USA.


Meanwhile he also created several documentaries, educational series, music videos and he recorded nearly 80 professional songs which he wrote the lyrics, composed and sang for while he was guided and music was arranged by Ablu Chakraborty and his buddy in SRFTI Anchal Srivastav Mixed and Mastered most of them in BR Films Studio, Sound City etc.  He also learnt acting at Roshan Tanejas’ while preparing to produce Satwik Feature-Films of his own kind, from his small set-up he is making; as film-financiers avoid supporting the Spiritual Kohinoor-Art that Aacharay Korak Day produces.  Aacharay Korak Day have written a feature film script with few more in the pipeline and seeks Angel-Financiers.


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Come let us make the unloved, unwanted, homeless, unguided and the friendless of the world as OUR OWN Family. . .


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