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Our Motivation

the essentials behind this epoch...

Delivering Eternal Humane Dharm 24x7

We appreciate fully that our individual 'life' is the most special 'gift' we received from the Eternal Creator. So we make the best ever possible use of our human life while respecting all life forms for their own inner technology. We do not waste single second in anti-humanity activities ever! The Eternal or Sanatan Dharma is about serving by your own example while excelling yourself and others.

Taking Each Human Seriously w/o Prejudice 

Until an individual/ group shows their traits of Hypocrisy/ Evil/ Negativity, we give everyone a chance to excel. Our main objective is towards #AdharmaEndDharmaWIN so we do not 'pamper' people/ groups who show these anti-humanity traits, at any cost! We 'avoid' any form of interactions (visual/ hidden) with those against Bharat and Humanity. We are intolerant of evil and hypocrites forever.

Activating Aatma Intelligence (AI+)

Today's money-matrix world is for encouraging humanity towards Power - Luxury - Money - Converts! But we the 'originals' from Bharat, know 'Satyamev Jayate', as only truth will eternally triumph, in the end'. Our Holistic Excellence makes our LIFE100%. For this, AatmaGuru Korak has created his Gen-A epoch with AI+ where he has devised the 7th Darshan/ Philosophy along with LIFE108 for making Humanity FUTURE-PROOF.

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