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A pre-teenager who is a fresher to LIFE is in loggerheads with his father, who is an abortion -doctor. Bhagwan-Tulya Khuni or God-Like Murderer in English is a DRAMA an English-subtitled Hindi-language Fiction-Film with a duration of 09.34 minutes. Aborting your child is a favourite guilt-free sport for the majority of men and women on Earth. Excuses are endless and most convincing, even for the LIFE-saver doctor, who is always ready with an excuse to murder, even a non-born-yet. A doctor misses his only-family his son’s birthday because he was busy ‘earning’ for his son’s PlayStation gift, by doing a high-paying abortion. The son could only meet his very-busy father, on a phone call. How does a doctor's father explain his pre-teen son an ‘essential abortion’? How does a pre-teen son who is yet to be convinced of the ways of the world understand his father’s explanations?

Abortion short film | GOD-LIKE MURDERER | भगवान-तुल्य खुनी - A HINDI FILM | Engl

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