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GOLDEN AGE for Humanity, Dharma, Bharat and Within

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Generation-A सतयुगी MATRIX आयाम

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The Spiritual DNA

Infinity ∞ MetaSoul

1 – Tag Line लक्ष:

Resonate with the Infinity अनंत के साथ ऐक्य

2 – Mission लक्ष:

Making the best use of all the energy sources of your body to use them fully to achieve your goals of life

3 – Description & Necessity परिचय & अनिवार्यता:

You can activate your Consciousness within by various processes like: Accidentally, then also by Step-by-Step methodology, Naturally or with the help of a selfless Guru or even with much difficulty as a Self-Learner, or like me thrugh Hari, himself.

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Bhartiya Excellence भारत की उत्कृष्टता 

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कलियुग के अधर्मी मानव Kinds of Humans TODAY

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SATYUGI MASALA सतयुगी मसाले और नमक

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Satyugi Masala: Highlights:

1. Jeera Cumin Powder500gm

– Catch 540 – JK 590 – Sunrise 585

Satyugi Price ₹500


2. Dhaniya Coriander Powder500gm

– Everest 210 – JK 200 – Tata 200

Satyugi Price ₹150


3. Haldi Turmeric Powder500gm

– Tata 175 – Ashirwad 145 – Sunrise 190

Satyugi Price ₹140


4. Sendha Namak (Pink Rock Salt) Powder 2 Kg

– Catch 198 – Whole Farm 190 – Natural Tatva 184

Satyugi Price ₹160

Total: ₹950

Either Get From our Address in Kolkata

or Pay Delivery Charges - Shipped Worldwide

GPay Now @ 9088755740

> We Satyugis buy the best natural seeds, clean, roast and grind: for the purest experience, which is most suitable for even Bhagwan’s Bhog.


> Unlike big companies in the Market, we are tiny and thus make a smaller profit in comparison to them, thus our lowest prices.


> All companies do business for their profit but our Business is for the ‘Selfless Loving Family’@ Hari Dhaam, for the elderly, mentally unstable unwanted destitute people - Daridra Narayan.

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